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Shaun has worked with us now for 4 years and is our "go-to" guy for challenging information workflow and complex integrations. His most recent project with us included successfully marrying innovative custom technologies into enterprise COTS solutions. He is bright, positively natured, optimistic, and determined, a collection of characteristics that enables him to see solutions others would miss. We consider him a strong programmer with architect potential.

Eunice Hooper - Owner, E-By Design Technologies

As the lead architect and developer of PC New for the past 3 years, Shaun was a great and professional communicator. He was able to design and build our cross-platform product as well as its extensive supporting infrastructure from the ground up, with minimal oversight, all while staying within our relatively tight budgetary requirements.

Jeff Hunt - Owner, PC New LLC

As an information technology professional with a proven track record of over a half-decade of professional experience developing and supporting both business and user-oriented applications utilizing a wide variety of platforms and development tools, I am ready to help you realize your organization's technology goals. I have exceptional expertise with numerous programming languages & database systems, as well as general web development. My most notable soft-skills include systematic and methodological problem solving, exceptionally rapid comprehension of novel technologies & domain-specific concepts, diplomatic interpersonal skills, and clear, logical communication. I have worked with organizations of all sizes, from single-person startups to 1000+ employee companies, and am always eager to bring my expertise to bear on IT problems and opportunities alike.

Available services include:

  •  Custom Application Design, Development & Delivery
  •  Existing Application Support & Maintenance
  •  Website/E-services Development
  •  Database Design & Administration
  •  Server Administration Services

Whether you need to build a new website with industry-leading functionality, need a custom application to meet a niche in-house business requirement, or have existing enterprise IT services that require updates or upgrades, I have the experience required to ensure the success of your project. I have helped bring abandoned and poorly documented products to market-ready status, have built new products from the ground up as the sole developer, have worked with large teams to maintain monolithic enterprise applications, and have managed small teams of developers as well. This experience, together with my unique ability to quickly learn new technologies and skills, allows me to contribute to virtually any technology need. I also have significant experience with administrative tasks such as project management, and server configuration & maintenance. Please download my resume below for a more detailed overview of my full work history as well as contact information.

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Resume last updated April 2012

A great lathe operator commands several times the wage of an average lathe operator, but a great writer of software code is worth 10,000 times the price of an average software writer.

Bill Gates