Shaun Esau

11919 63 ST NW, Edmonton AB, Canada, T5W 4G2
Tel: 780.965.4467 Email: shaun < dot > esau < at > gmail < dot > com

Last updated April 2012


An information technology professional with a proven track record of over 5 years experience developing and supporting both business and user-oriented applications utilizing a wide variety of platforms and development tools. Exceptionally strong with object oriented programming languages, relational database systems and web development. Soft-skills include systematic and methodological problem solving; rapid comprehension of novel technologies and domain-specific concepts; diplomatic interpersonal skills; and clear, logical communication.

Work Experience

Consultant/Developer, E-By Design Technologies Inc.

July 2011 - Present
  • Worked as consultant and C# .Net developer on a research project funded via the NRC Industrial Research Assistance Program.
  • Implemented a plugin for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 that adds novel entity-centric time-context features.
    • The plugin permits fully automatic and safe retention of historical data, capturing all changes made throughout an entity's lifetime, while providing an authoritative state-history for historical data reconstruction (known as an "entity chronology").
      • When the plugin is enabled for an entity-type, it becomes possible to specify an explicit effective date for any changes made to any entity of that type.
      • Any changes to an entity will automatically result in the previous entity state being archived and retained as part of an entity’s individual chronology.
      • As an authoritative history for an entity is available, it is possible to reconstruct historical data after making changes to past entries in a chronology (e.g. to recalculate previously billed charges based on corrected customer account information and automatically reconcile actual charges with previous invoices)
      • Invalid data is retained for customer-support purposes, but can be excluded from the authoritative history used for historical data reconstruction.
    • A custom timeline widget displays an entity's previous states in the Dynamics UI as well as the authoritative state history, helping to visualize the history of any given entity.
      • This widget includes tools for altering the timeline display to include any other relevant, temporally-sensitive metadata.
  • Involved in the creation of numerous marketing-related materials.
    • Designed various feature demonstrations and created demonstration environments for project backers.
    • Authored, recorded and edited video demonstrations of major product features as well as sample applications for a hypothetical company.
Key Concepts and Technologies: AJAX/web 2.0; CSS; HTML; Javascript; LINQ; Microsoft .Net framework; Microsoft Dynamics XRM API; promotion and marketing; quality assurance; source code control; system administration; T-SQL; Visual C# .Net
Significant Tools Used: Dynamics CRM 2011; SQL Server Management Studio; SQL Server Query Analyzer; SVN; Visual Studio 2010; Windows Server 2008 R2
Database: SQL Server 2008 R2

Consultant/Lead Developer/Project Coordinator, PC New LLC.

July 2009 - Present
  • Originally a short term contract to design and implement an in-house utility for automating basic PC maintenance. Initial releases garnered strong investor interest in developing a full retail product for sale to general PC users.
  • Oversaw and was primary developer for all project development:
    • Created a Linux-based Live-CD capable of automatically negotiating an internet connection via available ethernet/wifi hardware, mounting the host filesystem, retrieving general updates and virus definitions, performing an AV scan, quarantining or healing detected infections, and copying files necessary to launch a separate custom utility automatically upon booting into Windows.
      • Utilized the open-source xPUD project to provide web-technology based UI.
    • Also created a Windows-based utility, developed in Visual C# .Net, which performs additional maintenance tasks including backing up the existing configuration, scanning/restoring key system files, optimizing boot speed, restoring Automatic Updates and Windows Firewall, performing additional malware checks, freeing HDD space, removing 3rd-party modifications to IE and many other general system maintenance tasks.
    • Integrated existing project with 3rd-party SDKs, including developing custom AV applications (in C++ and C#, native to Linux and Windows respectively) utilizing the SDK from a leading commercial anti-virus provider.
    • Created various proprietary web services to provide in-app storefront, billing and licensing services, driven by a PHP/MySQL-based back-end.
  • Administrated project web-server (including bug tracking and source control software) and packaged application and virus definition updates for release.
  • Handled project scheduling/coordination:
    • Oversaw development by separate contractors.
    • Created documentation for planned release milestones including estimates, Gantt charts, etc.
    • Utilized bug-tracking software to manage project priorities.
Key Concepts and Technologies: AJAX/web 2.0; CSS; encryption; HTML; Javascript; Linux administration & scripting; Linux application development; low-level RAM management; Microsoft .Net framework; Mozilla Gecko rendering quirks; Perl; PHP; project management; promotion and marketing; source code control; SQL; test cases; Visual C++/C# .Net; Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 system configuration and registry; web services; WSH scripting
Significant Tools Used: Apache; Bash; Bugzilla; Busybox; Facebook Connect; Git; Inno; ISOLINUX; Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2005; NSIS; SVN; Trac; Ubuntu Linux; xPUD
Database: MySQL

Consultant/Lead Developer, Project for John Wilkinson

February 2010 - April 2012
  • Provided consultation for the design and implementation of a startup website that enables employees to provide valuable, anonymized feedback directly to their employers.
  • Designed and developed a demonstration site for garnering investor interest:
    • Created a heavily modified installation of Drupal 7 with numerous custom ‘contrib’ modules to provide site-specific functionality.
    • Updated needed Drupal 6-compatible ‘contrib’ modules for use with Drupal 7.
  • Administrated project web-server (including bug tracking and source control software) and packaged application and virus definition updates for release.
Key Concepts and Technologies: AJAX/web 2.0; CSS; HTML; Javascript; LAMP development; mobile web development; PHP; promotion and marketing; source code control; SQL; test cases
Significant Tools Used: Apache; Drupal 7; Facebook Connect; Google Charts API; SVN; Twitter API; W3C Geolocation API
Database: MySQL

Consultant/Developer, Profinity LLC.

August 2009 - January 2011
  • Worked primarily as consultant and web-developer on various web-marketing portals and tools:
    • Supported multiple existing products as well as new development, generally utilizing classic ASP, Javascript, SQL Server and related technologies.
    • Succeeded in an exceptionally high-stress environment with tight deadlines and strict requirements:
      • Most services lack a typical test environment, meaning that any code released to production had to be robustly tested by the owning developer. All modifications must be engineered to be minimally invasive and to ensure retention of mission-critical data even in the event of unexpected failure.
      • Developers were expected to adhere to multiple unwritten best-practices to ensure acceptable performance in the production environment.
      • Fix-requests were expected to be finished in minimal time to prevent excess loss of sales.
  • Also worked on non-web development, creating a plugin for Jive Software’s Openfire RTC (XMPP) server to facilitate direct integration with proprietary back-end services.
Key Concepts and Technologies: AJAX/web 2.0; ASP .Net; Classic ASP; cross-platform/cross-browser development; CSS; Java; Javascript; JSP; HTML; performance optimization; PHP; Python; quality assurance; T-SQL; XSLT; XML; XMPP
Significant Tools Used: Ant; IIS; OpenFire; SQL Server Management Studio; Vault
Database: SQL Server 2005

Consultant/Developer, E-By Design Technologies Inc.

February 2008 - March 2009
  • Worked as consultant and VB/C# .Net developer on a project with FAS Inc.
  • Primarily responsible for resolving several major issues with a health benefits management application (mostly completed by a separate company) in a wide variety of business areas including:
    • Generation of CIBC electronic funds transfers for automatic payment of claims
    • Automated adjudication of manually inputted insurance claims
    • Automated import/adjudication of incoming electronic dental claims (CDA Import)
    • Importing data from custom flat-file formats
    • Creation of reports via SQL Server Reporting Services/Crystal Reports for business analysis and claim documentation
    • Creating SQL scripts to repair data errors induced by outstanding bugs
    • Extensive opportunities to work on performance optimization and more
Key Concepts and Technologies: Data conversion; Microsoft .Net framework; performance optimization; quality assurance; source code control; T-SQL; test cases; validation and loading; Visual Basic .Net; Visual C# .Net
Significant Tools Used: Crystal Reports; Visual Studio .Net 2003-2005; N-Unit; SQL Server Management Studio; SQL Server Query Analyzer; SQL Server Reporting Services; TortoiseSVN
Database: SQL Server 2000-2005

Consultant/Developer, Sierra Systems Group Inc.

November 2006 - February 2008
  • Worked as consultant and VB/Java developer on AMS project with WCB of Alberta.
    • Initially responsible primarily for the maintenance of all elements of the “Direct Employer Clearance Certificates” application (DECC), an aging n-tier web application for generating clearance documentation, utilizing Visual Basic 6, COM+, classic ASP, Javascript, COBOL & SQL PL.
    • Also maintained IMPACT, a Java-based client-server application used by WCB auditors to perform on-site work and update with main database asynchronously.
    • Provided technical support for PC-Bond, a third party software package from the Toronto Stock Exchange “TSX” business unit. PC-Bond is a fixed income portfolio analytical system that provides real-time bond portfolio pricing information from the Toronto Stock Exchange.
    • Developed several small utilities via Visual Basic .Net to assist on-site project management team by automating some time-entry related administrative responsibilities.
    • Spent 3 months assisting in design and development of a new, proprietary enterprise-class Java J2EE-based Content Management System.
Key Concepts and Technologies: Classic ASP; COM+; Hibernate; HTML; ITIL practices; Java/J2EE; Javascript; Microsoft .Net framework; N-tier component based architecture; source code control; Spring Framework; SQL PL; SOAP; test cases; third-party software support; UML; Visual Basic .Net; Visual Basic 6; web development; web services; XSL-FO; XSLT; XML
Significant Tools Used: Apace Cocoon; Apache Tomcat; Ant; DB2 command line tools; Eclipse; IIS; Microsoft Office; Visual Studio 6-.Net 2000; SVN; Visual Source Safe
Database: DB2

Resolution Specialist, Convergys Customer Management Inc.

September 2004 - November 2006
  • Provided assistance to customer service representatives on difficult calls.
    • Responsible for handling escalated call situations.
    • Previously responsible for answering customer calls regarding billing and technical issues.
    • Developed several small Office VBA scripts used to increase on-site efficiency.
Key Concepts and Technologies: Customer advocacy; VBA development
Significant Tools Used: Microsoft Office; proprietary customer management software

Formal Education

  • Bachelor of Science in Computing Science, University of Alberta, 2012
  • ITIL Certified


  • Languages: ASP/ASP.Net, C, C#, C++, COBOL, CSS, ECMAScript (JavaScript), HTML, Java/J2EE, JQuery, JSP, Lisp, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Prolog, Python, RISC Assembly, SQL, Visual Basic, XML (incl. XSL-FO, XSLT, etc)
  • DBMSs: DB2, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server 2000-2010
  • Environments: Visual Studio 5/6/.Net 2000-2010, Eclipse/RAD/Jazz
  • Operating Systems: MS Windows 3.1-7, Linux/Unix/BSD, OS X
  • Tools & Technologies: Apache, Bash/Busybox scripting, Crystal Reports, CVS, Drupal, Facebook Graph, Git, Inno scripting, NSIS scripting, OAuth, PayPal API, SSRS, SVN, Vault, Visual SourceSafe, Wordpress, etc


  • Over 5 years professional experience with a large and varied range of technologies including: VB/C# .Net, C++, Java, SQL, XML & related technologies, ASP, HTML/CSS/Javascript, JSP, Crystal Reports, COM+, COBOL, LAMP-stack technologies and several others
  • Professional experience with enterprise-class concepts and tools such as: Hibernate, N-tier architecture, multi-user server-client performance optimization, Spring Framework, etc
  • Professional experience with project management, resource coordination, documentation and other administrative tasks
  • Over a decade and a half of hands-on experience with development in innumerable languages on a hobbyist basis
  • Formal training with Java, C-derived languages, SQL and many other languages
  • Well versed in advanced machine learning concepts, particularly SVM-based methods
  • Experience with Visual Studio .Net & Eclipse Swing/SWT GUI-building tools (including custom controls) as well as web-based GUI development
  • Extensive experience with a wide variety of programming IDEs and operating systems
  • Strong personal interest in open-source tools and technologies


Available upon request