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A simple plugin for blocking the "End Flight" button, for those times when you just can't be trusted not to accidentally undo all of your own hard work.


Just unzip & copy to your KSP folder


G_LockFlight will appear whenever the pause menu is visible. To protect a flight, simply click the "Lock" button to obscure the End Flight button. Click the "Unlock" button on the right to regain access to the End Flight button if needed. When you lock or unlock a vessel, the vessel will stay locked/unlocked even between sessions.


Your craft (should) also remain locked if you dock with another vessel and either your current ship or the one you docked with were already locked. When undocking the lock can be lost for the newly undocked vessel.


  • Try deleting [KSP]GameData\G_LockFlight\Plugins\PluginData\g_lockflight\config.xml
  • To uninstall the mod, just delete the "G_LockFlight" folder from [KSP]\GameData
  • To report a bug, please send me a message via Twitter (@TehGimp) or Reddit (TehGimp666)

G_LockFlight screenshot

Special thanks to:

  • Frostiken - Testing & suggestions
  • Nelien - GameEvents API info