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Gifter lets you quickly create wishlists for upcoming holidays and events, so you can let family and friends know exactly what you're after! Gifter also allows others to mark the items on a list that they've already grabbed or are planning to buy soon without allowing the giftee to see what they're getting (or who is getting it), helping to prevent accidental duplicates and the hassle of gift receipts and exchanges for everyone! Best of all, you still won't ever know what items on your own wishlists have been reserved or who is reserving them – there's no need to worry about spoiling any surprises!
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 Coming "Soon": Major improvements to wishlists: fields for quantity desired, price, etc.

 Recent Changes: New sharing options, updated look, fixed login page registering users, fixed bugs preventing use of Back/Forward/Refresh buttons, added "sign out" option, usability improvements...

 Gifter is a slapdash afternoon project run amok—Please feel free to use it as you see fit.